First VMS.

Visitor Arrival Registration

First Parking’s visitor arrival system would be installed on a secure tablet so your visitors can simply enter their vehicle registration on arrival and be authorised to park.

The authorisation is pre-configured so you choose the car park your visitors can use and the duration of the authorisation. Should you have more than 1 registration requirement we can add multiple tabs ensuring you have the flexibility you need.

Details displayed on the screen are totally configurable and branded to ensure the system fits seamlessly into your organisation.

Pre-Booked Registration

This feature gives you the ability to send First Parking’s booking link to your guests so they can pre-book parking as and when it is required. This can be linked to a payment portal as a form of approval ensuring you gain revenue and confirmed bookings. The availability of space can be limited to prevent overbooking and you can set your daily rate of parking. As an administration user you can configure your confirmation emails to ensure your guests get all the information they need and set user controls and limits.

This featured can also be used as part of an internal booking system where authorisation can be allocated to an individual giving you full control.

This system is fully integrated with our enforcement process ensuring only unauthorised vehicles are issued with a PCN

Event Management

First Parking’s event system gives you full control over your bookings, authorisation and user access. The event approval process is tailored to your needs ensuring you have control over booking numbers and event locations.

Once an event has been approved the system generates a link to be sent to your guests. With this link your guests register their vehicle and once the number of allocated spaces has been filled the system will not allow any further bookings. This system can be linked to the arrival registration screen so as your guests arrive the event owner would be notified.

As an administration user you can control how events are authorised, the maximum number of spaces that can be booked by users and what car park the users have access to. Events can be linked by department ensuring access is granted if users are absent.

First Parking has created a full Visitor Management System giving you complete flexibility to ensure we meet the needs of your organisation.